Modular Framery

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Glass Cutting - Polishing - Table Tops - Windows

We have a 

Master Glazier 

(glass cutter) on staff.

Cutting our own glass for picture framing from larger panes of glass saves you money. 

Our glazier can cut glass for you needs as large as a 4' x 8' sheet of plate glass. 

We polish all our glass with diamond sand paper to a smooth edge for you safety.

We have Museum or Conservation Clear glass, both with UV Ray protective qualities to preserve your precious photos or valuable documents. 

Glass can be cut for any type of window pane-for your doors, windows, Heat resistant fireplace glass, etc. 

Watch this video - cutting a custom table top

Mirrors - Decorative - Bath - Commercial 

We make and frame new mirrors, all shapes and sizes, and can repair and hang mirrors for your home or business. 

Your existing plate glass bath mirrors can be framed and rehung with a stylish frame as in the photo below.